Presale - Foundations of Practice Ebook - The Art of Continuous Improvement

If you are serious about wanting to see strokes dropping off your score, you need to have the right intention and structure when you practice. Whether you have limited time to practice during the week or have every day available to practice, this structure allows you to custom fit your practice based on your time availability
Product Description

Giving you the necessary structure and practice routines in short game, putting, and full swing that is required to get better. Dean is an experienced professional golfer on his way to qualifying for the European Tour this coming fall. He has designed this program to give himself and all others looking to get better a structure to be disciplined and consistent in practice to enhance your play on the golf course.

Structured practice needs to find its way into every golfer's routine. There are two elements you need during practice. The “How” and the “What” to practice. Both are very necessary whenever you are looking to get better. Without knowing “How” to practice, your efficiency and time it takes to excel will be lengthened drastically. On the flip side, without the knowledge of “What” to practice, your game will be misguided and will subsequently be growing negatively. Both elements compliment one another very well and it is exciting when you have a guide to get better, especially when it’s clear and organized. That is how we will practice. Giving golfers the fundamental building blocks in each area of their game along with how to accomplish those things will be the key to unlock potential. Perform the given movements for each area of the game with a certain amount of reps, and your game is now growing positively. The key things we will touch on in each session will include feel, speed/distance, alignment, and visualization. Bringing these four pieces together create a well rounded golfer. Perform everything with attention to detail but most of all, go the distance. Be disciplined with your actions and complete all reps to your best ability. Good habits make good players.



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